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2952 Stanton 7 official Champions!

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After a long and hard fought season, the final race for the 2952 Stanton 7 was held on Saturday, August 6th 2952. The final race took place at the aptly named Loreville Loop and saw our competitors using a combined total of four different vehicles to make their way around this iconic track.

After many close calls and quite a few explosions, Nesrathil from team VIVA was able to bring home the gold with a combined total of 85 points for his team, cinching the coveted top spot.

Join us as we say farewell to the Stanton 7 and hello to the System 7 that will debut sometime in 2953!


2952 Stanton 7 official Race 7 Results

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2952 Stanton 7 official Race 6 Results

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2952 Stanton 7 official Race 5 Results

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